Single Mothers in Police

UPDATE ON THE ISOLATION PERIOD – the isolation period has been prolonged till 03.05.2020.
To all you wonderful people - today (on 23rd March 2020), we have received a very moving e-mail from the House for Single Mothers in Police. It is the place where several mothers stay together with their children. There are almost 50 individuals in there in total. Even though they have been provided with proper care and necessary everyday items, they are looking into the future with an increasing anxiety, as the upcoming months will probably be far from joyful for them. As a foundation, we want to help the unit by ensuring its inhabitants all the key goods that will allow them to survive the unusual isolation. Even earlier on, we were fully aware of the fact that coronavirus might have taken its toll on a wider group of people than initially expected. The problem has affected not only hospitals and individuals who have been infected, but also all the remaining ones that have to deal with increasingly stricter sanctions just because they have to interact with more than few people at a time – in many cases, it is not caused by their ill will.


Greetings. I am writing on behalf of all mothers staying in the unit together with their children. We have all been isolated in order to decrease the risk of coronavirus spreading. We would like to ask for help in terms of purchasing food items and household detergents. Best regards from the inhabitants of the House for Single Mothers in Police - Agnes.

To all you lovely people, we would like to inform you that due to the completion of the intended goal, namely - helping women from the Single Mother House in Police during the pandemic and the temporary isolation connected with it - we have decided to close the fundraiser for this purpose and help new Charges. We would like to sincerely thank all of you who have supported the goal and helped the ladies in need.


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House for Single Mothers with Children in Police City

I hereby inform that on 12.03.2020, basing on the decision made by the Head of the House for Single Mothers with Children

Unit in Police was initially closed for 14 days for all the individuals from outside the unit. The protégés staying in the unit with their children have also been encouraged not to leave it without a justified need. The protégés of the House respectfully and unanimously accepted the decision of the Head. The decision was confirmed with the provisions of the MONAR Board Warsaw the next day, namely – on 13.03.2020.

As of currently, we are considering prolonging the isolation period till 15.04.2020

Best regards,

Head of the House
Marek Buczkowski


Fund collection has been initiated by the Foundation as a reply to the request of one of the mothers living in the unit. We have received both approval and consent of the Chair of the House, Mister Marek Buczkowski, who has allowed us to start a fundraising initiative and perform undertakings aiming at improving the overall quality of life of the inhabitants of the unit.

Our Foundation has made a decision to support the unit in question due to the willingness of its representatives to provide the women inhabiting it with key foodstuffs characterized by a long shelf life. We also want to ensure them a proper safety by providing them with an additional reserve of hygienic and cleaning products. Thanks to owning them, the necessity of leaving the unit by any of the mothers living there will be limited to an absolute minimum. In the course of initial arrangements made with the protégés of the unit, with the representatives of the DSFC, and with the Chair of the House, the Management of the „Choose to Help” Foundation did not identify any examples of negligence of any of the aforementioned parties.

Needs we are gathering funds for: 

  • Most basic foodstuffs, such as sugar, olive oil, various types of pasta, spices. - We are continuously meetings the most important needs.
  • Milk and corn flakes for children. - We are continuously meetings the most important needs.
  • Chemical products, such as washing powders, shower gels, and toilet disinfectants.- We are continuously meetings the most important needs.

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23-07-2021 - We have provided a package full of clothes, mainly for children, but also some designed for mothers. We have received said package from the Donor, Berenica L.L.C. Thank you very much!

22-12-2020 - Today, another photo from the delivery of food products to the House for Single Mothers with Children in Police, this time from Develey Polska Sp. z o.o. Thank you for your support!

21-12-2020 - On the occasion of Christmas, we could not forget about the Home for Single Mothers with Children in Police. We delivered a large amount of frozen fish and some canned food and pates given to us by Sokołów S.A. Thank you very much.


10-04-2020 - To all you lovely people – you are really great! Thanks to you, we were able to reach the House of Single Mothers in Police with a new batch of useful items. We did that just before the Easter. They did not need to leave the building and all they wanted to was delivered to them directly. The delivery was realized by a representative of the foundation wearing protective gloves and a mask. We would like to wish all the best to all of you! Take care of yourselves! 

29-03-2020 - We have once again visited the House for Single Mothers in Police to provide its inhabitants with the second batch of foodstuffs and chemical products. The procedure has been performed in compliance with the applicable sanitary standards. 

25-03-2020 – We have provided the mothers with the very first batch of goods. The women have been provided with milk, sugar, cooking oil, pasta, spices, washing and cleaning products, coffee, tea, cornflakes, and sweets for their children. Additionally, we have provided each and every mother with masks, surgical gloves, and disinfection products in the form of 110 ml salicylic alcohol bottles allowing the women to fight with and prevent the spread of coronavirus. The delivery has been organized in line with the new safety regulations adopted on 24th March. Up until 11th April, it shall not be possible for citizens to move freely, except for existence, health, and profession-related purposes. The limitation does not affect voluntary actions oriented towards nullifying the negative effects of COVID-19. If you are engaged in voluntary undertakings and have been helping quarantined people or individuals who should not leave their houses, you can still move freely. Source: - The items have been delivered by Paweł Panufnik, who has not been receiving any remuneration for serving the function of the Chairman of the Foundation.

26-03-2020 – We have received a notification from the District Family Support Centre that the House is financed from reserves of local self-governments the mothers are subjected to. On the same day, a supervisory audit has been performed in the House for Single Mothers in Police. Below, there are photos we have received from the DFSC:

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