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This Privacy Policy shall protect the privacy of individuals utilizing the Choose To Help Foundation websites, who shall be hereinafter referred to as the Users. The privacy of the Users is of exceptional importance for the Foundation. As we respect our Users’ privacy, we have been doing our best to protect their data. Therefore, we guarantee that all the pieces of information gathered and processed by the Foundation are completely safe.  

A vital goal of this Privacy Policy is to present the Users with comprehensive data on the mode of gathering their data by the Foundation in the course of their use of the Website, as well on methods of gathering other pieces of information pertaining to undertakings performed within the scope of the Website without the identification of individual Users, including the way of utilization, processing, and disclosing gathered data, as well as User’s rights.  

Our task is to process data entrusted to us in a manner that is compliant with the applicable law regulations, established practices, as well as to fulfill a wide range of information-related requirements towards the Users and ensuring a full safety and integrity of pieces of information collected.  


  1. Pieces of personal information gathered within our website shall be administered by the Choose To Help Foundation, Smolańska 3 Street, 70-026 Szczecin, NCR no.: 0000695388, REGON no.: 368295964, TIN no.: 9552441037, phone no.: 91-481-9025,
  2. In accordance with article 13 sections 1 and 2 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016, the User can find information pertaining to personal data processing by the Administrator below.
  3. If the User has agreed for his or her personal data to be processed, he or she can withdraw his or her consent at any time. Consent withdrawal will not affect the legitimacy of personal data processing done basing on the consent granted before its withdrawal.   
  4. Personal data processed within the website may be utilized to allow the User to utilize the website managed by the Personal Data Administrator, as well as to provide the communication management service the User can take advantage of.
  5. Legal basis for personal data processing is the legally justified interest of the Personal Data Administrator (legal basis: art. 6 section 1 point f of the GDPR) and the consent granted by the User (legal basis: art. 6 section 1 point a of the GDPR)
  6. Personal data of the User can be disclosed to subcontractors that is – to entities the services of whom are being utilized while processing such data.
  7. Personal data of the User are not disclosed to entities outside the EU/EEA.
  8. Personal data of the User will be processed and stored by the Personal Data Administrator from the moment of receiving them by said party till the moment of cessation of service provision to the User.
  9. It is worth remembering that the User has the right to file a complaint and present it to the PDPO, especially if the User claims that data processing-oriented undertakings have breached the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016.
  10. Personal data are provided in a voluntary manner.



In relation to processing User’s personal data by the Administrator, the User has the right to:  

  1. access his or her personal data and receive a copy thereof;
  2. amend or change his or her personal data;
  3. delete such data.

PLEASE NOTE! If the User is of the opinion that there is no legal basis for his or her personal data being processed, the User can request the Administrator to delete them.

  1. limit the scope of personal data processing;

PLEASE NOTE! The User can request personal data processing to be limited exclusively to their storage and performing actions prior agreed with the User if – in User’s opinion – the Administrator has the access to improper personal data, they are processed in an illegal manner, the User wants them deleted for they are needed for pursuing or protecting User’s claims, or the User has withdrawn his or her consent for his or her personal data to be processed.

  1. withdraw his or her consent for his or her personal data to be processed;
  2. to transfer data;

PLEASE NOTE! The User has the right to receive data in a structured, commonly used format that is ready for digital access. The User can also request the Administrator to send such data directly to a different entity.

  1. issue a complaint to a supervisory body;
  2. withdraw consent for personal data to be processed


PLEASE NOTE! Each User has the right to issue his or her claims connected with the enforcement of the aforementioned laws, his or her opinions, observations, as well as questions pertaining to data confidentiality and privacy policy to the Personal Data Administrator. To do so, an e-mail message has to be sent to the following address:



  1. While using the Website, the Administrator automatically gathers, stores, and processes IT-specific data pertaining to the manner in which the User utilizes the Website. The gathered data are then taken advantage of to fulfill the needs of the User to the greatest extent possible and are used not only by the Administrator, but also by parties authorized by said entity for technical, statistical, and website improvement-related purposes.
  2. Following pieces of information are gathered:
  3. IP address utilized by the User that is – network interface number saved in system logs of the server – data on the IP address do not allow for the proper identification of a physical device or the User himself or herself, as in some cases said address can be randomly changed or the used device may be taken advantage of by a number of Users,
  4. geographical location of the end device of the User (country, region, province, and in some cases – city as well),
  5. type and version of web browser utilized by the User,
  6. operating system installed on the end device of the User,
  7. screen resolution and installed add-ons,
  8. subsections of the Website visited by the User and the amount of time spent thereon,
  9. sources of Website visits, initial and final subsections, as well as searched phrases that have resulted in the User visiting the Website,
  10. searched phrases entered by the User into the search engine.
  11. Website allows for gathering data on User activeness within the Website by third party sites for analytical purposes (e.g. Google Analytics), advertising purposes (e.g. Google AdSense) or to offer additional functions (e.g. „Like!” button introduced by the website).
  12. While utilizing the contact-oriented section of the Website, the following personal data can be collected:
    1. Name and Surname;
    2. E-mail address;
    3. Phone number;



  1. Cookie text files are saved by the browser on the hard disc drive of the end device of the User for the purpose of storing information used to identify the end device or saving the history of actions performed by the User within individual subsections of the Website, as well as to properly assign historic data to Users during consecutive website visits. No personal data are stored in Cookie files.
  2. Typically, the utilized web browser allows for storing Cookie files on the end device of the User. The User may introduce changes to the settings of his or her web browser with regard to Cookie files management in such a way to block their automatic storage and processing or request to be informed about saving them on the end device on each occasion. The help section of the utilized web browser incorporates guidelines pertaining to Cookie files.
  3. Administration informs that the limitation of Cookie file utilization may negatively affect the functionality of the Website on User’s side.
  4. Cookie files typically incorporate the name of the website they originate from, saving date, expiry date, and unique number. Cookie files may be utilized for the following purposes:
    1. adjusting the content of websites to the preferences of the User and optimizing the efficiency of their use; the files help – in particular –identify the device of the User and properly display the website being adjusted to the individual needs of the User,
    2. creating statistical data allowing to understand how the Users utilize the websites, which make it possible to improve their structure and content,
    3. keeping User’s session (after logging in) allowing the User to avoid the necessity to provide his or her password and login on each and every subsection of the Website.
  5. Website utilizes session-specific and permanent Cookie files. Session-specific files are temporary in character and expire after leaving the website or shutting down the utilized web browser. Persistent Cookie files are kept on the end device of the User till their expiration or deletion by the User.
  6. The following Cookie files are taken advantage of within the Website:
    1. key Cookie files allowing to use functions available within the Website, such as authorization-specific Cookie files used for verification within the scope of the Website,  
    2. Cookie files ensuring security, such as those utilized for identifying authorization-related breaches within the Website,
    3. performance-oriented Cookie files allowing to gather information on the way of using subsections of the Website,
    4. functional Cookie files allowing to save User’s settings and personalized interface elements, for example the selected language or region, font type, website layout, etc.,
    5. advertising-specific Cookie files allowing to provide Users with advertising content adjusted to their fields of interest.
  7. Cookie files saved on the end device of the User may also be utilized by partners and advertisers cooperating with the Administration of the Website.


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