Peter and his daughter

Please familiarize yourself with the entire description provided below. Peter is 48 and he has been raising his daughter, Julia, on his own. Even though the girl is only 14, she already knows how difficult life can be. Both she and her dad are both chronically ill. He suffers from a severe insulin-dependent diabetes, as well as from kidney and heart problems. She struggles with food allergies, inhalation allergy, contact allergies, protein flaw, and atopic dermatitis. The girl remains under the care of her father. Julka's mother pays alimony in the amount of 120 euros per month.


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A low monthly income causes a series of difficult choices that Piotr has to make every day. On some occasions, he has had to choose between buying medicines for himself or his daughter and buying food - not to mention larger expenses, such as clothing. Julka has just a few clothes. She is a teenager who quickly grows out of her clothes. She also outgrew her cot and is forced to sleep on a mattress laid on the floor (Julia's bed has been handed over on 3/28/19). In spite of many diseases of various type, the most insufferable for Piotr is the feeling of helplessness. As a man and the head of the family, he is ashamed that he cannot take care of his daughter as he would and should. He dreams about being able to organize her free time in ways other than at home. He is aware that they will never be able to afford to organize a real vacation or trip on their own. That is why his big dream is to buy a bicycle (handed over on 28/03/19), by means of which he could accompany Julka during their trips. The girl already has a bicycle. She received it as a gift from her father for her First Holy Communion. Let us help Piotr and Julia get back on their feet. Every little gesture, every small payment, every small donation is a big step for them towards a better life.

Needs we collected funds for:

Purchasing air purifier, nebulizer, and inhaler for Julia. -  Provided.

Organizing summer holidays 2019 for Julia and Peter and financing of related expenses  - Realized/handed over Voucher. 

• Organizing winter holidays 2020 for Julia and Peter and financing of related expenses. -Realized.

Organizing of summer holidays 2020 for Julia and Peter and financing of related expenses. - Realized.

Purchasing a bike for Peter.  - Provided. - Organized.

• Purchasing domestic detergents, non-allergenic preparations, and cosmetics to be used by children struggling with allergies. - We are continuously meetings the most important needs for Peter and Julia.

• Purchasing food, including foodstuffs for children struggling with allergies. - We are continuously meetings the most important needs for Peter and Julia.

• Support in terms of paying Peter's and Julia's bills for electricity. - We realize their needs on an ongoing basis. Irregular help with paying other bills.

• Buying widely-accessible medications and those prescription-only ones – we realize said needs on the ongoing basis. 

• Healthcare for Peter and Julia. - We satisfy their needs on regular basis

New teeth for Peter. - Realized.

• We want to change all the furniture in Julia's room. The stuff that she has right now is 23 years old, (Julia's room size 4,80 m x 2,50 m). - We have renovated walls and ceiling, as well as set up new items of furniture. 
• Replacing all items of furniture in Peter's room - living room. The current ones are now 30 years old. Providing support in terms of refreshing/repainting said room. - We have handed over new items of furniture and materials needed to refresh the room. The items of furniture are now in their places (updated on 19/04/2021). Currently, we are waiting impatiently for Piotr to repaint the entire room :). Materials serving said purpose were provided on March 10th, 2021.

Bed/Sofa for Julia. - Provided.

Sofa for Peter. - Provided.

Portable computer for Peter. - Provided.

Vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. - Provided.

• Electric Kettle. - Provided

• Iron. - Provided.

 Printer - Provided.

 Mobile phone for Peter. - Provided.

Mobile phone for Julia. - Provided.

• Occasional help in the field of medical care, including medical care, for Peter and Julia's cats.  - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

• Winter clothes for Julia: jacket, winter boots, hat, scarf, and gloves (set), warm jumper, warm tracksuit bottoms, jeans. Clothing sizes for Julia:  164-168, shoe size 38. Height 155 cm, shoes: inlet size 24,5 cm, typical size 40,5. Trousers: total length  90-91 cm, length from the crotch 65 cm, waist 65 cm, hips 81 cm, chest 70 cm, sleeve from the shoulder 55 cm, sleeve from the armpit 50 cm. - We have provided winter shoes, winter jacket, turtleneck sweater, a warm jumper, and a hat. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

• Winter clothing for Peter: jacket, sweater, gloves, shoes. - Clothing sizes for Mister Peter: L, height: 177 cm. Trousers : total length 95-100 cm, length from the crotch 70-75 cm, waist 88-90 cm, chest 100 cm, sleeve from the shoulder 66 cm, sleeve from the armpit 58-60 cm, shoes: inlet 28, 5 cm. - We have provided 2 pairs of jeans trousers, winter shoes, 2 shirts, a sweater, and a jumper. Winter jacket with hood has been donated on 02.25.2021. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

• Spring clothing for Julia : shoes size 40,5, sweatshitrs, trousers, t-shirts. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

• Spring clothing for Peter : shoes, jacket, jeans trousers, sweatshirts. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

Christmas 2019 Presents. - Provided

• Dressing table. Julia is a teenager and is at the age when said item of furniture is an important component of interior design of a room of a young woman. - Provided.

• Laptop for Julia – the girl needs it to learn, especially now during distance learning, as well as to contact with her peers, and spend some free time looking for pieces of information that are of interest to her on the Net. The girl has a sentiment for the following laptop: Dell Inspiron 13 7348, as she   had the same one years ago. She received the exact model for her First Communion celebration. Unfortunately, it was damaged and cannot be used or fixed. - Provided.

• Glasses for Peter. Peter has been experiencing difficulties in performing everyday tasks due to his constantly worsening eyesight. - Provided. 

• Support in making Piotr’s car operational. The vehicle was made in 1998.  - We helped Peter and repaired his car before going on vacation in August 2020.



Donate once or regularly:


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Bank details:
mBank S.A.
Skrytka pocztowa 2108
90-959 Łódź 2

SORT CODE: 11402004

Account number depending on currency:
PLN: PL35 1140 2004 0000 3002 7709 9827
USD: PL39 1140 2004 0000 3612 1128 1047
GBP: PL92 1140 2004 0000 3812 1128 1062
Euro: PL63 1140 2004 0000 3112 1128 1054

Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charges.

14-09-2021 - Peter has a new set of teeth, made courtesy of one of the local dentists. Thank You very much.

10-09-2021 - On Monday, September 6th, Julia celebrated her 14th birthday. Unfortunately, it was not a day full of joy, as the girl spent it in the hospital. It was a few days' stay. Yesterday she left the hospital and - through Peter - we were able to give her a late birthday present, namely - a mat/an anti-slip mat for a computer mouse. We also purchased the prescription-based medications that she had been recommended while at the hospital. We wish you good health, Julia.

03-09-2021- We have provided another batch of medications for Peter and Julia.

20-08-2021 - We have provided Peter and Julia with a large amount of medications for both of them and handed them some funds allowing to buy new shoes for Julia. 

09-08-2021 - We have settled the electricity bill for Peter and Julia for two months.

23-07-2021 - Peter and Julia have been resting for several days at the seaside. Before leaving, we took them for grocery shopping and helped them purchase some household chemicals.

15-07-2021 - We have recently donated a large dose of medications to Peter to help him deal with various ailments. We are sorry he needs so many of them, but we are also glad we could help.

09-07-2021 - Peter and Julia are going to spend their holiday at the seaside soon and they are taking their two cats with them. For safe transport and effortless walks, we have equipped the animals with harnesses and leashes. We also donated some medications to Peter.

25-06-2021 - Once again, we have donated groceries to Peter and Julia.

23-06-2021 - Julia had an appointment with an allergist yesterday because of her allergic asthma. The doctor prescribed her new medications, which we have already given her. A few days earlier, we also donated some medications - this time to Julia and her father, Peter.


18-06-2021 - We have settled the electricity bill for Peter and Julia. We have also given Peterr a birthday cake, because on June 6th, he celebrated his special day. Happy birthday Peter! 


28-05-2021 - We have provided. Peter and Julia with groceries and medications.

17-05-2021 - We have provided Peter with shoes and paid for his visit to a diabetologist. We have also covered an appointment with a vet who agreed to take a look at his cat.

06-05-2021 - Peter and Julia, taking advantage of the courtesy of: Stomatologia Kamienica 25, have started taking care of their teeth. Two visits already took place and a few are ahead of them. We are patiently waiting for the results. :)


04-05-2021 - Yet another set of groceries and chemical products has been delivered to Peter and Julia. We have also supplied the family with hygiene-oriented products.

21-04-2021 - Today, we would like to show you yet another batch of photos from Peter and Julia's living room.

19-04-2021 - After more than two years, we have managed to achieve the goal set by the foundation - replacement of furniture in the living room of Peter and Julia. The new items are beautiful and very cozy :).

02-04-2021 - Food, chemicals and a small gift for easter bunny for Julia - a computer mouse, this is our recently given help to a family from Szczecin :).

30-03-2021 - We provided Julia and Piotr with vital foodstuffs.

24-03-2021 -  A small dose of medications is of great importance to Peter.

17-03-2021 - After a few turbulences, a jacket for Julia has finally arrived :). We also supported the girl in paying for cleaning the couch she sleeps on. :)

10-03-2021 - Peter has started a small renovation-oriented undertaking. He has decided to refresh his room. To help him, we have supplied him with paints and painting supplies. We have also settled the electricity bill for Peter and Julia.

08-03-2021 - Often, at the end of the month, Peter and Julia receive groceries from us. The photo shows the articles handed over at the end of February.

01-03-2021- We have provided Peter and Julia with the necessary medications. We also take care of the family’s pet, namely - a cat. It has recently had some health problems. 

25-02-2021 - We have provided Peter with a winter jacket incorporating a hood. We have been waiting a long time for it, but the most important thing is that our Charge is satisfied, so it has all been worth it :).

10-02-2021 - We have provided Peter and Julia with medications and incurred the cost of Peter's diabetologist appointment.

01-02-2021 -  Last friday, we purchased some foodstuffs for Peter and Julia. We also provided Julia with a big package of cosmetics received from Mrs. Anna from Warsaw :). Thank you very much !

29-01-2021 - We have helped Peter to ensure the safe use of the bathroom. He has fitted customized handles there. We have also provided the family with key medications and undertook the payment of the water bill.

25-01-2021 - We have provided Peter and Julia with personal hygiene products and medications for Peter, including insulin

08-01-2021 - We regularly support Peter and Julia in paying the bills. This time it's electricity bills and rent.

07-01-2021 - Julia dreamed of a scooter and now - she has a nice, urban one :). In addition, she has also received a package full of clothes and cosmetics, given to her by one of our Donors - Mr. Mark.

05-01-2021 - Before Christmas, we gave Peter and Julia, among others, a set of pots and a huge selection of foodstuffs. Julia also received a wonderful package from Mrs. Martyna. The gift included, inter alia, a smartband. The items of clothing shown in the photo were bought by Julia by using a voucher given to her by one of our Donors. We would like to thank all our Donors very much for their support! 

22-12-2020 - Today still shopping for Julia :). The photo shows two sweatshirts, the one with the imprint Julia bought with pocket money.

21-12-2020 - Today Julia plays the main role. More precisely, shoes from the foundation and a cosmetic gift from the Donor for Julia. We also do not forget about Peter and paid for his last visit to a diabetologist.


10-12-2020 - We provided Peter and Julia two new upholstered armchairs. Admit that they look much better than the old ones :).

03-12-2020 - Another support on our part for a nice family from Szczecin. Once again, we did grocery shopping and supported Julia with pocket money.

27-11-2020 - Another supply of medications has been delivered to Piotr and Julia.

16-11-2020 - Peter and Julia could once again count on the support of our foundation which has provided them with medications they so desperately need. Fortunately enough, the suspected coronavirus infection has turned out to be a false alarm.:)


13-11-2020 - We handed over the phone to Julia, her previous phone was no longer usable. Now she has a new, functional and chosen by herself :)

09-11-2020 - At the turn of October and November we made big grocery shopping for Peter and Julia. And in the first days of November, Julia went shopping for clothes, for the pocket money she got from the foundation.

05-11-2020 - We provided another batch of medications to Peter and Julia. Unfortunately, our charges suspect a coronavirus infection. Everything will be out soon. We could not let our charges wait long for medications, so we urgently delivered the necessary drugs 3 hours after receiving the notification and prescription code from Peter by e-mail.

27-10-2020 - Peter has recently had more than always health problems. To many of his ailments, there is also problem with the heart. That is why we supported him in paying for the ultrasound of the heart and a visit to a cardiologist. We also do not forget about Julia, we have provided her with the necessary hygiene products

13-10-2020 - We try to take care of our Charges in many aspects of life. We paid Peter and Julia the bills for rent, TV and Internet. We also paid for the care of the cat, which was necessary to keep it in good health.

08-10-2020 - Outside the window there is autumn and lower and lower temperatures, which unfortunately resulted in a decrease in immunity and a cold for our ward, Julia. That is why we helped Julia and Peter in purchasing medicines and groceries.

01-10-2020 - In May of this year we arranged Julia's room, it was just a dot to make her room complete. That's why Julia chose a painting with a clock that already decorates her wall :). We also donated an iron with a steam station.

16-09-2020 - We handed over to Peter and Julia groceries and we paid the electricity bill and rent.

14-09-2020 - Julia celebrated her thirteenth birthday last week. She chose a printer as a gift for herself. It will definitely be useful for her in the new school year :).One hundred years in good health, Julia!

02-09-2020 - After a long break from full-time education, the children returned to school. We helped Julia prepare properly for this return :).

28-08-2020 - Once again, we helped Peter and Julia in paying the bills for TV and Internet.

26-08-2020 - Peter and Julia are still enjoying the end of their holidays at the Polish seaside :). The trip was organized thanks to our support :).

20-08-2020 - Piotr and Julia are spending their holiday near the sea. Aside from fixing and fuelling the vehicle belonging to the family, as well as providing its representatives with petrol voucher, we have also provided its members with some pocket money to spend during their stay. The photos show Peter in front of the repaired car and the clothes Julia bought thanks to the gift card she received earlier :).

02-08-2020 - We made a big grocery shopping for Peter and Julia. We also handed over medicines and a gift card to a petrol station.

17-07-2020 - During the holidays, Julia and Peter will be able to take advantage of the double invitation to the Warownia Inwałd Miniature Park - World od Dreams. shown in the photo :). But for now, we keep our feet on the ground and pay the bills of this family for phones, Internet and television.

16-07-2020 - Julia dreamed of a dressing table, so we made every effort to fulfill her dream and there is a beautiful, elegant dressing table. :) We also present a photo of the electric kettle we bought for Peter and Julia.

15-07-2020 - Holidays, holidays !!! Julia takes full advantage of this time. Some time ago she got gift cards for, among others, H&M store and thanks to them, she buys what she wants. :). We also paid bills for Peter and Julia for electricity and telephones.

03-07-2020 - We would like to show you photos taken during shopping showing Piotr and Julia.

02-07-2020 - It is the summer break at last :) As a reward for her above-average education-oriented results, Julka has received several gift cards to be used in her favorite stores. :)

09-06-2020 - We have paid bills Peter and Julia for television, Internet and telephones. 

07-06-2020 - Last week brought a number of fantastic items provided by our Donators to Piotr and Julia. Glasses, trousers, shoes, and shirt from the photo are all for Piotr, whereas books and smartwatch have been donated for Julka. The watch is a Children’s Day gift for Julka. Books for Julka and the t-shirt for Piotr have been provided by the BIS L.L.C. Publishing House from Warsaw. Thank you very much :).  

01-06-2020 - We have purchased a laptop for Julia.  

29-05-2020 - Please find attached photos of the renovated Julka’s room. We have renovated walls and ceiling, as well as set up new items of furniture.  

26-05-2020 - Last weekend, we purchased lots of foodstuffs for Piotr and Julia. In the photo below, we also show a parcel for Julia including hair-related cosmetics we received from the LOTON COSMETICS Company. Thank you very much for that!  

11-05-2020 - We have paid Peter and Julia bills for television, Internet and electricity.

06-05-2020 - We have provided medical products for Julia.

10-04-2020 - To all you lovely people – you are really great! Thanks to you, we were able to reach Piotr and Julia with a new batch of useful items. We would like to wish all the best to all of you! Take care of yourselves!

01-04-2020 - We have paid TV and Internet bills for Piotr and Julia.

25-03-2020 - The situation connected with the spread of coronavirus is unfortunately becoming more and more troublesome. Yesterday, new limitations relating to leaving houses and commutation were introduced. As we truly care about our protégé,s Miss Piotr and Julia, we did shopping last night and purchased a lot of everyday items to grant them the possibility of spending the difficult time at home safely.  

14-03-2020 - Our protégé, Mister Peter, started suffering from cold. We are glad that it was just cold, but it caused Mister Peter to be unable to go shopping, so we have decided to purchase some goods for him. We have provided Mister Peter with some basic items he has asked for. 

11-03-2020 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Julia with medications.

04-03-2020 - Dear supporters, thanks to your help, it has been possible for us to collect new items of furniture for Julka’s room. We have a cabinet, two chests of drawers, two shelves, a desk, and an armchair. We will also deal with repainting the walls and the ceiling. You will soon be able to admire the results of our work. Thank you for being with us.

03-03-2020 - We would like to show you the photo of clothes that Julia has received from one of our Donators. Thank you very much for such support! :)

03-03-2020 - We have paid phone bills for Piotr and Julia.

02-03-2020 -  We would like to provide you with a photo of food products and medications given to Mister Piotr and Julia.

27-02-2020 - We have paid TV and Internet bills for Piotr and Julia.

25-02-2020 - We have paid phone bills for Piotr and Julia.

24-02-2020 - We have paid electricity bills for Piotr and Julia.

23-02-2020 - Thanks to the support of our Donators, we have been able to send Mister Piotr and Julia on a desired winter break in the mountains. :) 

14-02-2020 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Miss Julia with a voucher for week-long mountain holidays. What is more, we have provided the family with some additional funds for them to be able to spend the break nicely and enjoy their time spent together. 


07-02-2020 - We have provided Mister Peter and Julia with food.

05-02-2020 - Julia and Mister Peter are soon to go on their winter holidays. We have helped them prepare for the trip :).

31-01-2020 - We have provided Julia with a very neat and comfortable swivel chair. We want her to spend her time next to the desk in a comfortable fashion, regardless of whether she relaxes or studies something.:)

30-01-2020 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Julia with medications.

24-01-2020 - Mister Piotr and Julia have been provided with a parcel full of clothes for Julka. Said items have been donated by Miss Agnieszka. Thank you very much! :) 

14-01-2020 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Julia with vital medications and medical products. Please find attached the photo of said items. 

03-01-2020 - We would like to showcase Christmas gifts that were provided to Mister Piotr and Julia.  

02-01-2020 - We have provided Mister Peter and Julia with food.

21-12-2019 - We have provided Mister Peter and Julia with food.

20-12-2019 - The Meat Processing Company managed by Miss Małgorzata and Mister Czesław has provided us with a parcel for our protégés, Mister Piotr and Julia, as well as for Mister Bogdan. We have divided the products evenly and provided them to our Protégés.

16-12-2019 - There is yet another parcel for our Protégés :) We are very grateful and are sure that Julia will be extremely happy after receiving such beautiful clothes and cosmetics.  

19-11-2019 - We have provided Mister Peter with a new phone and several pairs of socks, and We have provided medical products for Julia.

18-11-2019 - We have provided Mister Peter and Julia several items of clothing, including : shoes, trousers, shirts, jacket, blouses, and sweaters. 

04-10-2019 - We have provided Peter and Julia with food.

02-10-2019 - The last month was very important for our Protégé, Julia. She started a new school year and had her 12th birthday. Best wishes, Julka! We hope you will do well at school!

27-08-2019 - Today, we are going to share yet another set of photos of Mister Piotr and Julia on their holidays in the mountains with you. 

23-08-2019 - Mister Piotr and Julia send their best wishes from their holiday trip. This time, they have gone to see our Polish mountains. They could have gone to said trip thanks to our Foundation and the support of its wonderful Donators. Thank you very much for that! 

08-08-2019 - Mister Piotr and Julia send their regards from their holidays at the seaside they could go to thanks to the support of our Donators. 

02-07-2019 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Miss Julia with a voucher for week-long mountain holidays. What is more, we have provided the family with some additional funds for them to be able to spend the holidays nicely and enjoy their time spent together. 

28-06-2019 - We have provided Mister Piotr and Miss Julia a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. 

05-06-2019 - We have provided Mister Peter portable computer.

01-06-2019 - We have provided the family with the necessary goods and with the gifts for Julia. She has received clothes and a keyboard she has selected herself.

14-05-2019 - We have provided medical products for Julia.

09-05-2019 - We presented Peter and Julia with antiallergic bedding.

26-04-2019 - We picked up Julias TV from the repair shop.

19-04-2019 - We gave some grociereies and clothes to Peter and Julia today.

16-04-2019 - We have provided Julia with air purifier.

12-04-2019 - We have provided Julia with school accessories.

10-04-2019 - We have provided Julia with clothes.

09-04-2019 - We have provided Julia with clothes.

08-04-2019 - We have provided Peter and Julia with sofa.

05-04-2019 - We have provided Julia with clothes and shoes.

04-04-2019 - We have provided Peter and Julia with medications.

03-04-2019 - We have provided Peter and Julia with food.


28-03-2019 - We have provided Julia with bed.

28-03-2019 - We have provided Peter with bike.

15-03-2019 - We have provided Peter with shoes. 

11-03-2019 - We have provided Julia with clothes, inhaler, and cosmetics.

05-02-2019 - We have provided medical products for Julia.


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