Donate once or regularly:"We both admire and are amazed by the strength of our friend. We would like to collect some funds to purchase him a high-end wheelchair that will help Paweł function much better in his private, as well as professional life. Our friend is a young, ambitious, talented, and educated person, who had an accident the exact moment he wanted to open his very own company. In 2005, his cervical spine was damaged that paralyzed his four limbs and causing him to be unable to move from neck down. Thanks to his everyday work and exceptional willpower, he lives on and he now wants to show the entire world that even though he is in a really difficult situation, he can still function, have dreams, and make them come true. 14 years passed since the accident. The infrastructure of our town causes every single trip to work, theater, concert, or restaurant to be a problem, especially due to steep stairs, doorsteps, land elevations, and the lack of platforms. While living our lives, we tend to forget that for such people as Paweł, every single day is a factual struggle and fight to achieve things that we can do almost effortlessly. I would like to announce a Christmas action and I hope we will show at least a percent of determination Paweł has been showing making his dreams and desires come true…"- Friend - Maciej Kuczkowski.

Donate once or regularly:

The letter presented is a plea of Paweł’s friend, as well as a short description of the situation of the disabled man. This message has been sent to us as a form of enrolling Paweł in programs organized by our foundation. If you are still not convinced whether or not it is really worth helping the man, below there are details relating to his accident and description of how the unfortunate event has shaped his life. The most important thing that we would like you to keep in mind is that even with his disability, Paweł has not lost the power and determination to fight and to live his life to the fullest. What is more, Paweł has a specific goal and said goal is to inspire and motivate others to act and chase their dreams while they still can. We want to help him doing that. However, without a proper equipment, he is unable to meet with other people.

Paweł is 35. In 2005, he had an accident which damaged his cervical spine. Quadrioplegia, which is the scientific name of the health problem Paweł has been struggling with is a type of paralysis that affects all the limbs of the body. Such paralysis may take its toll on a varying area of human body and is typically the result of cervical spine or spinal cord damaging. In Paweł’s case, spinal cord was not fractured, but only just. Thanks to the fact that he has been undergoing rehabilitation-based treatment and been highly motivated, he can move his hands. He cannot control his wrists however and is paralyzed from the waist down. He cannot act in an independent manner and requires constant help in everyday life. He is taken care of by his lovely mother, Miss Regina, who underwent a complex surgical procedure strictly connected with cancer 12 years ago. Paweł claims that he is not able to function normally, but he can work just fine, as his mind is fully operational. Despite his health concern, he is financially and professionally independent. He receives PLN 800 of social benefit, but there is a risk that due to generating income exceeding the minimum salary in Poland, said benefit can be cancelled. Paweł is full of positive energy and has the right mindset. Being in the same room with him results in recharging one’s inner batteries in an instant. It is quite rare for a disabled person to see life in such bright colors. Both statements and thoughts of Paweł are extremely motivating for us. He should serve as an example for all the people, even those healthy ones. Paweł clearly states that diving in a lake that caused his spine to become damaged was a stupid move. He still believes that every event in life happens for a reason and that the accident had a purpose. He does not focus on his misery and do not overwhelm others with his negative thinking. He is very strong and supports his mother, who in turn returns the favor. It is obvious that Paweł loves his mother very much. And rightly so. Feelings are to be admired and shown, not hidden and ridiculed. Miss Regina confesses that Paweł has an exceptional inner strength that she can use to live a fuller and more fulfilling life. She states that Paweł has never doubted his mission. They support each other, as they have each other exclusively. Paweł’s father is not an active member of the family and has not been paying alimony for 11 years.

Our goal is to help Paweł gather enough funds to purchase the iBOT wheelchair, which is equipped with mobile modules. Said wheelchair allows for walking up and down the stairs. Such an advanced device will surely help him live much more comfortably than he lives now. It will also make him more independent from his mother and will give him at least a bit of freedom. We want to help him make his dreams come true and not to be so dependent on other people or be forced to undertake payments for special means of transportation to be provided for him. The worst thing that one can do while suffering from a health concern is to give up and start worrying. Paweł has a lot of inner strength and he fights for freedom, for the possibility of engaging in social life or even – creating a family. We want to join him in his heroic fight.


 Needs we collect funds for:  

  • iBOT wheelchair.
  • Covering monthly rehabilitation and care-related payments.


Donate once or regularly:

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