Our Projects

  • Paul

    Paweł had an accident 14 years ago. It resulted in his cervical spine being damaged and the man being highly dependent on other people.

  • Bogdan

    Mister Bogdan lost his both legs as a result of diabetes 14 years ago. He lives in poverty and struggles with his disability.

  • Missis Władysława

    Miss Władysława is 88. The story of her life is simply remarkable and unbelievable. She has witnessed the death of her four sons. She is lonely and needs support.

  • For Justine, Paul and Rafael

    Miss Edyta has disability and raising three children on her own: Justine, Paul and Rafael.

  • Marek

    Mister Marek suffers from schizophrenia. He lives alone and must sometimes choose whether to purchase medications or some food.

  • Medications for Seniors Program

    She survived Warsaw Uprising and nowadays she can't afford normal life on her low pension.

  • Peter and his daughter

    Peter is unable to work. He has a sick daughter. Help us help them get their lives back.

  • Mister Adam and his dogs

    Mister Adam is 51. He is a husband, a father, and a grandfather needed so much by his beloved ones.

  • For All Those Underprivileged People

    You can just go out on the streets to see all those people that failed in life. Those people deserve another chance.

  • Stand-assist table and rehabilitation for Ann

    Ann has been suffering from cerebral palsy since birth.

  • Address

    Choose 2 Help Foundation

    ul. Smolanska 3

    70-026 Szczecin, Poland

    Bank: mBank SA, SWIFT: BREXPLPW
    Account: PL35114020040000300277099827

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    tel. +48-91-481-9025
    tel. +48-797-575-299


  • Information

    KRS: 0000695388

    REGON: 368295964

    NIP: 9552441037

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