Please read the entire description carefully. Monica was born in 2004 as a premature child, in the 28th week of pregnancy. She has a twin sister whom she grew up with for almost 2.5 years of her life. She was that old when she was badly beaten by her parents. As a result, the unconscious child was taken to the hospital with severe craniocerebral trauma, brain edema, hematomas, ischemic stroke of the right hemisphere, as well as numerous bruises on the head, chest, abdomen, and legs. The injuries she suffered changed her life forever. She was diagnosed with spastic quadriparesis, mainly on the left side. Since 2013, he has been treated for epilepsy and has been using a wheelchair. She is 18. Despite the traumatic experiences, she is a beautiful and cheerful teenager. After various stays in foster care units (family emergency, foster family), she was finally transferred to the Children's Treatment Institution, where she spent 9 years. Starting from November 2020, she has been a part of a wonderful family, including Monica, Zdzislaw, and Hubert, who is also our Charge. Monica and Zdzisław are foster parents and legal guardians of Monica.


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Monica is full of positive energy. She loves singing and dancing. She found it really easy to become the older sister of Hubert. She has been learning singing and vocal interpretation at the Music Center. Currently, she is in the eighth grade of the Special School and Educational Center in Krosno. She also attends therapy based on the Cracow method, which helps her develop intellectually. Since 2011, she has undergone several treatments oriented towards improving the functioning of her locomotor system. According to the opinion of a physiotherapist issued in November 2020, she has stabilized her level of motor skills. Nevertheless, she still requires regular rehabilitation for her physical dysfunctions to not worsen. It is the aspect we would like to help her with to the greatest extent. Monica's biological parents were sentenced to a prison sentence  as a result of a court trial that took place in 2008.


Needs we collect funds for:

  • Providing support in purchasing rehabilitation equipment for Monika, including not only orthoses and a standing frame, but also basic accessories useful for home rehabilitation within the framework of a program supported by the National Health Fund, which Monica engages 5 times a week during the summer holidays and 2 times a week during the school year (because he has 3 hours of rehabilitation at school) :balls of various sizes and applications, pillows, separators, an muscle electrostimulator, and a device for professional vibration massage and many others. - We have provided Monica with rehabilitation equipment, two balls of different sizes and uses, as well as a separator pillow, an electrostimulator, and a massage device and standing frame.
  • Providing support with regard to the purchase of a wheelchair for Monica. - In progress.
  • Stair climber - equipment for transporting disabled people in wheelchairs up the stairs. - Provided a stair climber with a trolley.
  • Providing support in financing Monica's rehabilitation basing on the Cracow Method. She attends rehabilitation sessions once a week. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Support in paying for Monica's rehabilitation stays. - Monica’s stay in December 2021 was free of charge thanks to the kindness of the owners of the rehabilitation center. We covered travel and accommodation costs for Monika and her family during the stay between 06 -17.12.2021. Monica's stay starting from 20.06.2022 and lasting to 30.06.2022 - that time, we covered the costs of the stay and accommodation was provided by Monica's legal guardians.  - We cover the needs in this area on an ongoing basis.
  • Medical care for Monica (appointments with specialists, treatments, and tests).
  • Assistance in the purchase of a swivel car seat for the disabled. - Provided.
  • Providing support in covering the costs of travel (fuel) to school, rehabilitation, for therapies, and for medical consultations and others. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support in buying a bigger car for the family. We need a transporter type car so that Monica and Hubert can easily get in with their wheelchairs. A car is necessary for the family to transport children for rehabilitation, therapy, to school, to kindergarten (more than 30 km one way), as well as for medical visits. - The car was bought and handed over on August 13, 2021.
  • Assistance in some repairs and replacements of Volkswagen Multivan parts, provided by the foundation on August 13, 2021. - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support in developing Monika's passion, namely - financing singing lessons, 1 hour a week (classes do not take place during school holidays) and wheelchair dancing classes.  Monika has been attending them from October 2021 once a week. They are organized by the Cultural Center in Rzeszow - We meet the needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Laptop for Monika - for learning, entertainment and development-related purposes. It will include, among others, educational applications aimed at developing Monica's reading and writing skills - Provided.
  • Printer - Provided.
  • Help in making Monica's little dreams come true: perfumes, music records, clothes, books, jewelry. - Provided on the occasion of the 17th birthday:).
  • Help in supplying Monica with clothes and shoes. Winter-specific requirements: jumpsuit, jacket, sweatshirts, warm leggings, and shoes. Clothes size S -152-156 cm, shoes size 34-35. - We meet this needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.

This is how climbing stairs without a stair climber looks like.

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Photo from visit of the representatives of the Foundation's to Monika and Hubert in June 2021 :)

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Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charge.

28-06-2022 - Support in covering travel costs is one of our main support goals when it comes to Monica. We have been very active in this area. We have helped with regard to covering travel costs for the second control appointment after leg surgery and we regularly help covering the costs of commutation to music classes.

27-06-2022 - Today, we would like to show you Monica's photos taken during the rehabilitation stay that will last until Thursday :) 

24-06-2022 - Monica and her family are now on a rehabilitation stay at the Libold Rehabilitation Center in Wroclaw. Before leaving, it turned out that their means of transportation, i.e. Volkswagen Multivan, needed a tandem high pressure pump replacement. We did not manage to replace the part before the trip, but thanks to our Donor, the pump has already reached our pupils Monika and Hubert and will be replaced soon. We would like to thank the Donor for his help and empathetic approach to the issue :) Thanks to you, our Charges will be safe and calm during their further journey and return home :)

19-05-2022 - Today, the photos show smiling Monica during music classes in May :)

05-05-2022 - We have taken care of filters and oil replacement in one of vehicles that Monica uses to travel to key spots. 


04-05-2022 - At the beginning of April, Monica underwent a leg treatment, which gives hope for making them straighter and granting Monica the chance of being able to walk in the future. After the procedure, the teenager in question had both legs plastered. When it was time to remove it, we covered the cost of Monica's visit to the hospital, where the follow-up appointment took place. It included removing the plaster.

27-04-2022 - Today, we would like to show you the photos from Monica's last therapy class based on the utilization of the Cracow Method.

05-04-2022 - Yet another month of musical development awaits Monica under the supervision of professionals employed at the Activation Studio Music Center. We have settled Monica’s April fee in advance. Due to the surgery that Monica had to undergo at the beginning of April, the already paid classes will be organized in May.

12-03-2022 - Monica takes care of her development intensively. She constantly attends singing classes and Cracow Method-based therapy sessions. We have settled bills for both forms of Monika's activity - for singing classes for February and March and for the therapy for January. We also cover costs of travel to the aforementioned and many other extra classes and sessions attended by Monica all the time. When it comes to the costs of car exploitation-related costs, we took care of the oil change in the Multivan.

25-02-2022 - We have helped when it comes to buying a wheelchair with the upright function for Monica. Thanks to that, Monica can learn how to walk. We keep our fingers crossed for you, Monica!

31-01-2022 - Monica knows all too well how important rehabilitation is. At the end of last year, she spent two weeks on a rehabilitation stay. As of currently, at home, she takes care of her development on a daily basis thanks to two new items of equipment donated to her by our foundation: a muscle electrostimulator and a device allowing for performing a professional vibration massage :)

27-01-2022 - Monica continues to develop her passion by attending singing classes, and we continue to support her in covering the monthly costs of said lessons. We also helped her in that regard in January :)

18-01-2022 - We have provided assistance in the purchase and replacement of both air conditioning controller and reversing sensors in the Volkswagen Multivan. Now, safety and comfort while driving the car are even greater.

21-12-2021 - Monica drives by car a lot… as a passenger of course:) Mrs Monica and Zdzislaw take her to various activities. We help cover the travel costs. In November, we covered the cost of one-time travel to an orthopedist, as well as the monthly travel costs pertaining to wheelchair dance classes and the Cracow method-based therapy. We did not forget about the cost of the therapy itself as well.

20-12-2021 - Starting from 6th, up to 17th December, Monica and Hubert were on rehabilitation camps. We have taken care of the accommodation for the family during the entire, almost two-week long stay, as well as of travel expenses.

25-11-2021 - We have covered the monthly cost - for Monica's music school for November and the Cracow Method-based therapy for October.

24-11-2021 - Today, we would like to show you some more photos of winter clothes recently given to Monica. In addition to shoes and overalls, we have also provided her with: sweatshirt set (sweatshirt and pants), 4 pairs of insulated leggings, and some more sweatshirts :).

12-11-2021 - We have already started preparations for winter in terms of clothing for some of our Charges :). Monica belongs to this group, so we have given her a jumpsuit consisting of a jacket and trousers, long insulated snow boots, and a sports sweatshirt :).

10-11-2021 - We have helped cover the costs of the second Multivan repair after handing the vehicle to our Charges. We know all too well that the car must be functional and safe :) It is especially the case to the fact that the vehicle is frequently utilized to take Monica to a wheelchair dance class and to a music school to participate singing lessons. We have also covered the cost of commutation to said classes for October.

21-10-2021 - Monica has received yet another piece of equipment to facilitate the performance of everyday activities, which - in the case of people with disabilities - are often impossible to perform without someone's help. A special car seat with a swivel will make it easier for Monica to get in and out of the car.

19-10-2021 - In October, we also covered the cost of tuition for Monica's music classes and the cost of commuting to these classes, as well as learning wheelchair dance and classes in the Krakow method.

15-10-2021 - Some time ago, we bought a car for Monika and Hubert. As it is often the case with used cars, minor repairs were also needed. We covered their cost as well :).

24-09-2021 - We have covered the cost of tuition for Monica's music classes for September and the cost of commuting to said classes, as well as to other classes the teenager has been attending.  

08-09-2021 -  We have paid for fuel required during Monica's recent journeys. Thanks to that, she have made a lot of trips, starting from visiting Zdzisław's house in her newly purchased car, up to reaching a doctor in Cracow for an appointment and participating in the weekend wheelchair dance course.

26-08-2021 - Monica and Hubert are eager to use their new car. They made their first trip using the newly acquired mode of transportation to Cracow, and the next one - to Warsaw, where the children went to a wheelchair dance course and to engage in sightseeing of the capital city of Poland.

20-08-2021 - The kids have been using their new car to a remarkable extent! They have checked its capacity, filled it to the brim with luggage before going for a holiday trip, and have prepared for a wheelchair dance course :)

16-08-2021 - Friday the 13th does not have to be unlucky. It turned out to be a very happy day for us,  because on Friday the 13th  we bought a car for our Charges Monica and Hubert :).Both children use wheelchairs, so in such a large and comfortable car, they will have the possibility of easily getting in and out. What is more, they will be ensured safe driving conditions. The children spend a lot of time in the car because they have to be taken to various places, even on weekends. Monika and Hubert have been in the same foster family since November last year, in the same house. We organized fundraising for this car during Monica's fundraiser, but for obvious reasons, Hubert will also use it. You can read more about Hubert: We are very happy and would like to thank all the Donors for their great support. The car is already in the place where the children live, and today they set off on their first journey in this car, to Krakow.

30-07-2021 - Recently, there was a photo and today - we would like to show you a movie in which Monika uses the stairclimber :).

26-07-2021 - We have given Monica the equipment that will make it easier for her to climb the stairs - a stair climber with a trolley. Such equipment will also be a great help for the teenager’s guardians - so far they had to pull Monika up and down the stairs on a wheelchair.

08-07-2021 - We have provided Monica with rehabilitation equipment, two balls of different sizes and uses, as well as a separator pillow. We have also covered tuition fee for her music school for two months: May and June.

18-06-2021 - We supported Monica in covering the cost of fuel for her commuting in May to exercise therapy and therapy using the Krakow method.

17-06-2021 - Monica celebrated her seventeenth birthday on May 25th! A few days after the celebration, we decided to visited said nice teenager. There was a lot of laughter, joy and gifts, including a laptop and a printer, as well as perfumes, music CDs, jewelry, and a beautiful dress :). Happy birthday Monica! We wish you all the best!!!

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