Please familiarize yourself with the entire description provided below. Hubert was born in 2014. He was living in a hospital for almost two years after being born. When his health was stable enough for him to leave the hospital, another problem stood in his way. He had nowhere to go as his biological parents decided not to take care of the proper upbringing of their son. The aforementioned hospital, namely - the Health Center for Children in Warsaw where Hubert was supervised, decided to take matters in its own hands. A TV report was made about our little protégé. Its aim was to look for a foster family for the child. This is how Monika and Zdzislaw met Hubert. Thanks to them, the boy avoided going to the Nursing Home for Children.


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The boy has a certificate of disability, as he suffers from the cerebral palsy, short bowel syndrome and has to be fed parenterally. Even though he eats food on his own, but his body does not absorb the right amount of nutrients due to the short bowel syndrome. Due to the said fact, he is under the constant supervision of doctors. Every night for 12 hours, Hubert receives all the necessary nutrients through a special probe. We are very impressed with the strength and courage of Zdzislaw and Monika, as they decided to take part in a very difficult task, as they decided to be a foster family for now, and then - adoptive parents of a child requiring constant care. They have been everything they can to improve Hubert's condition - the boy has been adopted by truly exceptional people. That is why we care very much about making the everyday life of this family easier. The boy's kindergarten is located 30 km away from the family's place of residence, so the parents have to drive 120 kilometers every single day. The access to the house is difficult due to the terrain around the house being rather poor, which makes wheelchair driving very dangerous and difficult, especially during winter.

Thanks to the invaluable help of our Donors, we have achieved all the goals set at the beginning. Now (in May 2021), the time has come to set new goals and focus on their implementation. Most of them are related to Hubert's health.



Needs we collect funds for: 

  • Building an enforced driveway  and a pavement in front of the house. - Realized.
  • Installation of protective barriers within the area of the driveway and the sidewalk in front of the house. - Realized.
  • Leveling the floors in the house. - Realized.
  • The adaptation of the bathroom to the needs of Hubert using a wheelchair on everyday basis: handles, lowered sink, replacement of the old bathtub with a paddling pool and a cabin, electronic bidet. While performing the discussed renovation-oriented tasks, we have also taken into account the adaptation of the bathroom to the needs of 16-year-old Monika, who joined Hubert on November 23rd, 2020 and will live with Monika and Zdzisław. We are very happy to announce that! 
  • Materials required for making and installing sliding doors in two rooms, in the bathroom and in a niche in the hall (in order to make a storage room for the necessary equipment, including: standing frame, bathing trolley, Hubert's walker, and a wheelchair). - Realized.
  • Help in maintaining an off-road car owned by the family. Purchase of a new car batteryCar starter repair.  Purchase of winter tires. - We meet the needs of our Charge in that regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support in financing Hubert's rehabilitation basing on the Cracow Method. The boy attends rehabilitation sessions once a week.
  • In case of urgent health-related issues, help in financing Hubert's medical consultations. - We meet the needs of our Charge in that regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Supporting the purchase of new orthoses for Hubert (August 2021). - Provided.
  • Shoes for Hubert - they are to be worn on orthoses.
  • Support in supplying Hubert with clothing and footwear. Winter-specific requirements: jumpsuit and boots - Provided. Clothes size 122 cm, shoes size 29-30.
  • New corrective glasses for Hubert. - Provided.
  • Nest swing for Hubert. - Provided.
  • Sandbox for Hubert. - Provided.
  • Water table - active park with accessories. - Provided.
  • Providing support in financing Hubert's rehabilitation based on the Cracow Method (the boy has a break from rehabilitation during holidays). The boy attends therapy lasting 1.5 hours once a week. - We meet the needs of our Charge in that regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support with regard to the purchase of a wheelchair for Hubert.


Donate once or regularly:


Photo from visit of the representatives of the Foundation's to Hubert and Monika in June 2021 :)

Or you can make a direct bank transfer "For Hubert":

Bank details:
mBank S.A.
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SORT CODE: 11402004

Account number depending on currency:
PLN: PL35 1140 2004 0000 3002 7709 9827
USD: PL39 1140 2004 0000 3612 1128 1047
GBP: PL92 1140 2004 0000 3812 1128 1062
Euro: PL63 1140 2004 0000 3112 1128 1054

Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charge.

22-12-2021 - We received two parcels and handed them over to Hubert. One of them included books and clothes from Mrs. Agnieszka and the other one, handed over by Mrs. Sylwia, a hand foam for children. The parcels have already been given to Hubert! Thank you very much! 

24-11-2021 - We have provided Hubert with warm winter clothes. We have given the boy overalls in a beautiful blue color and snow boots matching the overalls in question. He will not only avoid getting cold but will also look very stylish at the same time :).

12-11-2021 - Hubert suffers from the Short Intestine Syndrome and is nourished parenterally, but can also eat meals normally. He has to visit a dietitian who checks whether the boy is gaining weight properly. We have covered the cost of Hubert's last visit to said specialist.

15-10-2021 - We provided Hubert with winter tires for the off-road car owned by his family :) 

27-09-2021 - Hubert required an urgent consultation with a nutritionist to establish an individual diet for him. The boy has problems digesting food due to his illness, the Short Bowel Syndrome. Therefore, he needs a balanced diet to gain weight without parenteral nutrition. We covered the cost of the nutritionist visit.

24-09-2021 - Hubert needed new orthoses. It is a remarkable large expense, but we are more than happy that we were able to gather a significant part of the amount needed and the remaining part was covered by the National Health Fund.

26-08-2021 - Monica and Hubert are eager to use their new car. They made their first trip using the newly acquired mode of transportation to Cracow, and the next one - to Warsaw, where the children went to a wheelchair dance course and to engage in sightseeing of the capital city of Poland.

20-08-2021 - The kids have been using their new car to a remarkable extent! They have checked its capacity, filled it to the brim with luggage before going for a holiday trip, and have prepared for a wheelchair dance course. Before the new car appeared, we took care of the family's previous vehicle and, taking advantage of Hubert's fundraiser-based savings, we changed the oil and cleaned air conditioning. 

16-08-2021 - Friday the 13th does not have to be unlucky. It turned out to be a very happy day for us,  because on Friday the 13th  we bought a car for our Charges Monica and Hubert :). Both children use wheelchairs, so in such a large and comfortable car, they will have the possibility of easily getting in and out. What is more, they will be ensured safe driving conditions. The children spend a lot of time in the car because they have to be taken to various places, even on weekends. Monica and Hubert have been in the same foster family since November last year, in the same house. We organized fundraising for this car during Monica's fundraiser, but for obvious reasons, Hubert will also use it. You can read more about Monica: We are very happy and would like to thank all the Donors for their great support. The car is already in the place where the children live, and today they set off on their first journey in this car, to Krakow.

01-07-2021 - Hubert has been using new equipment: educational table - water park - for sensory games, sandbox - for developing motor skills, and stork nest swing.

18-06-2021 - In the photo, Hubert is riding a bicycle on the new driveway. We have recently provided the boy with a catheter disinfectant and a needle, as well as paid for 7 hours of therapeutic classes.

27-05-2021 - We have given Hubert new corrective glasses :)

26-04-2021 - The driveway and sidewalks are done. Only the barriers are still missing, but the overall result is stunning already :) 

13-04-2021 - Works on the driveway are progressing. About 1/3 of all the cobblestones and pavements have already been placed. The driveway leading to the front door has also been made. All we have to do now is to complete the driveway and some of the sidewalks, as well as install protective barriers.

02-04-2021 - We promised the continuation of works on the driveway in the spring, so we are keeping our promises :) The photos show the unloading of materials, including paving stones, as well as initial works oriented towards hardening the driveway.

12-03-2021 - There is a leveled floor in the bathroom. Now children, using wheelchairs, can move freely around the house, without thresholds.

09-03-2021 - After leveling floors in all the rooms that needed it, the time has come for the bathroom. The photo shows all the necessary materials that will be used, namely: tiles, glue, and primer

25-02-2021 - Sliding doors leading to the rooms and recesses in the corridor are ready. :)

19-02-2021 - Today, we would like to show you the effects of room and corridor floor leveling. There is still a floor in the bathroom remaining to level.

11-02-2021 - Today, we would like to show you some photos of recently provided materials required to complete the work oriented towards leveling the floors.

22-01-2021 - Recently, we helped Hubert and his family to repair the car, which is the family's main means of transport, especially in winter, because it is an off-road car that does well in the mountains when snow falls. We replaced the battery and repaired the starter.

15-01-2021 - In the new year, a wonderful family from Bieszczady is not slowing down in renovation works.:) Two rooms have a new, even floor. Thanks to this, Hubert and Monika can move freely in wheelchairs.

12-01-2021 - Today, we would like to show you photos taking during the renovation of the floor, especially - leveling - in two rooms. Works in Hubert and Monika's room will start next week.

21-12-2020 - Final touches in the bathroom. Replaced the toilet and added extra equipment in the form of an electronic bidet.


09-12-2020 - The bathroom looks beautiful. And Hubert uses it willingly. :)

04-12-2020 - 
 We would like to encourage you to watch the movie presenting the driveway - it is still far from being finished, but the works are already in progress.

03-12-2020 - Everything that you have done for us has really helped.
The bathroom is almost finished, the driveway is halfway completed. Today, when it snowed and we could drive the car almost to the door, I really felt a great gratitude for the work that you had done and for the support of all the donors.
Hubcio and Monika do not want to get out of the shower. They could even play with ships in the sink.
In the evening, I will try to record our children's thank-you messages and upload them.
Thank you for being here for us.
Best wishes,


27-11-2020 -  It has finally happened! A teenager joined the family of Hubert, Monika and Zdzisław last Monday, namely - Monika :). We are more than happy and truly admire the courage of the couple from Bieszczady. We also have to say that the kids are just wonderful :).

18-11-2020 - Today, we would like to provide you with yet another batch of photos showing materials. This time, these are the materials needed to renovate the bathroom and level the floors in Hubert's house where he lives with his family.


13-11-2020 - Today, we would like to provide you with yet another batch of photos showcasing works performed in front of Hubert's house. The courtyard has been hauled and tamped to the level of the front door. The blue cloth has been utilized to prevent stones from sticking into the ground. In the spring, the next stage of works will start and will be mainly focused on laying tiles and attaching curbs. :)

09-11-2020 - Let’s get it started! We have initiated preparatory works pertaining to the ground for the construction of the driveway. We have undertaken the payment for services provided by a professional who has been performing key tasks. The photos show a drainage made out of yellow pipes and covered with a wedge. There are cement bags located next to the house wall and curbs near its edge :).


06-11-2020 - We provided Hubert and his family tickets to the Miniature Park, which we got from MDW SP. z o.o Inwałd :). Thank you very much, this is the second time that our pupils benefit from the generosity of the Inwałd Miniature Park.






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