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Please familiarize yourself with the entire description provided below. Individuals who love animals are typically extremely compassionate and caring. One of such people is George who abandoned city life in order to create a unique place that is to serve both as a home for animals and a safe haven for people. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the lack of sufficient funds made the realization of George's plans impossible, but we hope that together, we will help him take a proper care of the future of his protégés, provide children with an interesting place to visit, as well as allow him to continue his career plans that are strictly connected with this place.


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Due to the pandemic, meetings and classes involving alpacas cannot be organized. Nevertheless, the animals still require care, they must eat and be ensured safety. Those are most important issues for George, making all other needs to become remarkably less relevant. A lot of fodder and supplements are required, as well as adequate shelter during winter. A new fence will also be useful, especially to avoid threats from wild animals. We hope to help George in this difficult time and continue our support when the disadvantages related to the pandemic are no longer present.




The place where George currently lives has been to some extent prepared to serve its purpose, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Ultimately, this place is to serve as an opportunity of getting in touch with nature: alpactorepia, activities for children, classes on how to grow plants and take care of animals…those are just some activities that Jerzy planned. Before it is possible, however, appropriate conditions must be met.



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Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charge.


Needs for which we collect funds by supporting animals:

  • Fodder, hay, foodstuffs, and supplements for animals - at the moment, the herd includes: one alpaca, three Cameroonian sheep, several hens, two dogs, and a female cat.           
  • Setting up a new fence to increase the safety of both animals and children who will come to see them in the future. - In progress.
  • Stable floor: approx. 30 m2 of floor with drainage still to be built.   

 Additionally, we want to support George in his undertakings: 

  • Materials allowing for finishing the playground equipment: posts, anchors, concrete, connectors, etc. 
  • Materials for a day room for children located in the barn: rubble and concrete for the floor, windows, wood for walls and ceilings, electrical installation components.   
  • Portable toilet for guests.Trailer for transporting animals. 
  • Providing support in terms of increasing the number of alpacas - purchase of alpacas in the future.   

09-07-2021 - We have visited George and his animals. They have astonishing conditions to live in, it has to be said :). We have also had the opportunity of seeing the progress of fence-related works :).

09-04-2021  - George is surely not procrastinating. The photos show the western outer fence. We are waiting for further developments :).

22-03-2021 - The works related to setting up the fence have started at George's place. The first ten fence posts between the enclosure and the garden have already been installed and the further works together with the delivery of materials are underway.

09-03-2021 - We took the initial steps aiming at building a new fence covering the area owned by Jerzy. The photo shows the unloading of the purchased net.





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