For Justine, Paul and Rafael

Miss Edyta is a single mother of three children. She was abandoned by her husband, an alcoholic, some time ago. She has been taking care of the proper upbringing of her children: 6-year-old Justine, 10-year-old Paul, and 17-year-old Rafael. The husband of Miss Edyta visits and contacts children very rarely. The woman has been performing odd jobs and providing for her family by taking advantage of social benefits: 500+ Program and child benefit. Alimony is just a sporadic and rare inflow of money and makes it impossible for the family to receive support from the Alimony Fund.

Rafael, the oldest of the children does his best to support his mother. If it is possible for him to do so after dealing with school-related responsibilities, he also performs off jobs. However, he has very limited opportunities due to the fact that he is not an adult. The teenager struggles with back problems and photosensitivity, which is characterized by being excessively sensitive to light. However, those are not all of his health conditions. He also struggles with an arachnoid cyst at the back of his brain and ankle instability. At the end of 2019, spine-related issues became less severe. Rafal has been under constant medical supervision. Younger siblings are still unaware of the difficult situation their family has been in. Thanks to that, they can still enjoy a carefree childhood. However, it is difficult to talk about joy when 10-year-old Paweł suffers from Lyme disease, asthma, and allergies. It seemed that Paweł’s fight with Lyme disease was over, but unfortunately – at the beginning of 2020, it turned out that the illness was still a problem. The youngest child, Justynka, has not been well either. At the beginning of 2020, after a long stay in a hospital, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Further examinations of girl’s health condition have been carried out. What is even more, the person who should be a strong support for young children is not healthy as well and suffers from many conditions. Miss Edyta chronically suffers from Hashimoto disease, migraines, as well as has a arteriovenous malformation and chronic pancreatitis that was diagnosed in November 2019.  She is also the holder of a disability certificate, which remarkably decreases her chances of being employed. The presented charming family from Cracow is supported by the Social Welfare Centre and a local monastery with regard to food. However, it is not enough to keep children fed at all times and allow the mother to always afford medications for herself and her beloved ones. Those are all urgent needs that we would like to satisfy as soon as possible. Aside from that, we would like to buy children a computer they have wanted to have for quite some time.

Donate once or regularly:

Miss Edyta has no one to turn to, so we have decided to help her and hope that you will be willing to support her as well. By combining our capabilities, we will surely make it possible for children to reach a brighter future and free Miss Edyta from at least some of her responsibilities she has to struggle alone with. 

Collected funds will be spent to purchase: 

  • Personal computer for children. - Provided.
  • Healthcare for children. - We satisfy their needs on regular basis.
  • Healthcare for Miss Edyta. - We satisfy her needs on regular basis. 
  • Support with regard to purchasing medications for the entire family.
  • School supplies. - We meet the needs of the family with regard to that on a regular basis.
  • Basic foodstuffs. - We meet the needs of the family with regard to that on a regular basis.
  • Domestic detergents and cosmetics for everyday use. - We meet the needs of the family with regard to that on a regular basis.
  • Clothes and footwear for children and Miss Edyta: Rafael 17 years old - 175 cm tall, clothes size M + shoe size 42, Paul 10 years old - 134 cm tall + shoe size 34 , Justine 6 years old 120 cm tall + shoe size 28. Miss Edyta: clothes size M+ shoe size 37.- We meet the needs of the family with regard to that on a regular basis.- Provided shoes for Rafael.
  • Additional classes for children.
  • Winter Holidays 2020 for children. - Realized.
  • Summer Holidays for children.
  • Bike for Justine.
  • Helmets for Rafael and Paul. - Provided.

Donate once or regularly:

Support trough:

Or undertake the payment directly to the account of the Foundation: mBank PL35 1140 2004 0000 3002 7709 9827 with the following title "For Justine, Paul and Rafael"

Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with the terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Protégé. 

12-02-2020 - At the end of January, Mister Bogdan received some gifts from the LAKMA STREFA L.C.C. with its seat in Warszowice, and now Miss Edyta and her children have been offered some fantastic goods. The parcel for Miss Edyta and her children includes cleaning supplies predominantly. We would like to thank a lot to the generous Donator :).

11-02-2020 - Miss Edyta’s children have finished their winter break and returned to school yesterday. Please find attached a photo, which shows the two younger children enjoying their time while learning how to ski under the supervision of an instructor. We helped Miss Edyta ensure that her children would spend that time in a pleasant manner:).
05-02-2020 - We have covered costs of dentistry-related services and selected doctor appointments for the family.

13-01-2020 - Nothing has changed in the new year. Our exceptional Donators still remember about the Foundation and its protégés. We have received a parcel full of clothes for the children of Miss Edyta :) 

 20-12-2019 - Today, we are sending Christmas gifts to Miss Edyta’s children. They will have a lot to play with while having some time off of school.

06-12-2019 - Last week, we have provided the children of Miss Edyta with two parcels. One of them included stationery that we received from the BIC Poland Company. We are very grateful for such a generous donation. Aside from that, we have given children several items of clothing, such as: a jacket, blouses, and sweaters.  

20-11-2019 - We have provided Miss Edyta and her children with: food items and items of clothing in the form of underwear elements. Furthermore, we have undertaken the payment for a dentistry appointment for Miss Edyta.

14-11-2019 - We have provided the oldest of the siblings, Rafał - some comfortable shoes, and for Paul a bike helmet.

28-10-2019 - We have covered the fee for dentist and doctor appointments for the family.  

24-10-2019 - Yet another parcel provided to the family from Cracow!  The children will surely find something for themselves inside. The parcel includes, among others, shirts, trousers, tracksuit bottoms, winter hats, peaked caps, jackets, scarves, and school equipment. Toys, vitamins, and sweets are also included.  Our wonderful Donators have taken a proper care of the comfort of the children who can now play outside. Thermo-active items of clothing have also been provided to make sure that children will have a great time outdoors, even during autumn.  

 07-10-2019 - Today, we have sent a big parcel to Miss Edyta and her children. The box includes lots of items of clothing for the two boys. Among them, there are sports items of clothing, everyday apparel, as well as jeans and an elegant shirt. We have also sent rollerblades, ice skates, pads, and helmet. The parcel in question additionally incorporates some computer games. 

16-09-2019 - We have given the helmet to Rafael, the oldest of the siblings. We have also repaired the bike of the younger boy, Paul.

 06-09-2019 -  We have received a parcel from our Donators to be given to Justynka, Miss Edyta's daughter. The parcel included toys, accessories, and items of clothing. All of them have been given to the girl.

13-08-2019 - We have provided Miss Edyta and her children with the purchased goods.

01-02-2019 - We have received computer equipment (4 gaming pads) for the entire family.

31-01-2019 - We have provided Miss Edyta with shoes for her son that have been donated to the Foundation.  

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