Davit is 47. He has been suffering from ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - for over 11 years. His health condition is now classified by doctors as severe yet stable. Tetiana, his partner, tries to provide for the entire family while at the same time ensuring its proper functioning. She was the one who asked us for help. She has been completely frank with us and stated on numerous occasions that the current situation has been very hard for her. Our protégés came to Poland from Georgia (Davit) and Ukraine (Tetiana). They were granted the possibility of staying in the country for humanitarian reasons.





They have been together for 12 years. They have been taking care of two children, 6-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter of Tetiana. Life experiences they have to deal with are very harsh. What is more, Davit's illness wiped out the chances of a normal life of the family. Since March 2020, Davit can breathe thanks to a respirator. He is bedridden, so he cannot function on his own. He only moves his mouth and eyeballs. He utilizes a cough assistant, does not eat on his own, and is fed through PEG - a special probe. He is under the supervision of a nutrition clinic and an outpatient clinic that take care of the ill individuals forced to breathe through a respirator. Davit undergoes two hours of rehabilitation a week, which is definitely not enough.

Tetiana finds some time and motivation to earn extra money several times a week, but she always has to rely on the help of others. Davit requires constant care and Tetiana also has to take care of paying bills, buying food, as well as providing medicines. Whenever possible, she asks a neighbor for help, who sometimes stays with Davit for a few hours.


Needs we collect funds for:
  • Purchase of medications, both those widely accessible and prescription-based ones.
  • Buying food, household chemicals, cleaning agents, and cosmetics.
  • Hygiene-oriented goods for Davit.
  • Support in paying bills/rent.
  • Support in covering expenses connected with children’s education.
  • Support in covering the costs of Davit’s rehabilitation.
Or you can make a direct bank transfer "For Davit":
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