Arthur and Gabriel

Please familiarize yourself with the entire description provided below. Annette asked our Foundation for help when it turned out that her younger son, Arthur, required a complex surgery due to the fusion of his cranial suture. The birth of yet another child suffering from an illness caused the mother do decide to ask our foundation for help. Annette also takes care of her 11-year-old son, Gabriel – the child was born with mental and motoric abilities impairment, has had breathing difficulties, eyesight problems, as well as difficulties to speak properly. Both boys have been issued disability certificates. It is completely understandable that Aneta wants to fight for the wellbeing of her children, even though she has been suffering from many health concerns herself.

The charity registration number is: 0000695388 and can be verified through government official (GOV) website at:

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Since 14, she has been struggling with drug-resistant epilepsy with tonic-clonic seizures. During said seizures that are unexpected in character, she loses conciousness and hurts her body to a remarkable extent. Due to the discussed problems, she had to be hospitalized. During a seizure taking place in 2007, she burned her hand so badly that professionals had to transplant some skin tissue from her leg. Aside from epilepsy, Annette also struggles with a gastric ulcer and both spine deformation and discal hernia. Even though she has been through a lot, she refuses to give up. Annette has been supported by her partner, Peter.

Raising two disabled children while not being fully capable oneself a great deal of determination. Annette emphasizes that her children are most important to her.
Arthur was born on January 5, 2020. It turned out that he required treatment due to craniosynostosis (which is the professional name of the fusion of the cranial suture) - it is an innate defect which, if left untreated, prevents the proper development of the baby's head, resulting in deformities and the increased risk of various complications. The operation is necessary and will be performed under the supervision of the National Health Fund. Before the operation, Arthur has to undergo a series of medical examinations and consultations, which Aneta decided to pay for. As a mother, she knows that time is of the essence, so she made a decision to carry out tests in one of the two institutions where the professor supervising Arthur would will perform the surgery. Nevertheless, tests are connected with the necessity of paying a fee in the case of the discussed unit.

Commutation, stay, and examination costs are also important, as the medical help has to be provided outside the place of residence of Arthur and his family. Up until recently, they had to commute predominantly to Katowice and to neighboring cities. However, the surgery itself is likely to take place in Olsztyn rather than in Katowice as planned earlier.

Arthur is very important, the operation is getting closer, the date has already been postponed several times, but most likely it will take place at the turn of October and November. This is another change of date, this time due to the fact that Arturek had a fever for three days shortly before the planned surgery in September 39 , 5 degree, and before surgery must be 6 weeks completely healthy. Costs connected with Arthur’s examinations are one thing, but one has also take into account everyday needs, including the needs of the 11-year-old Gabriel. He is Arthur's older brother and would love to serve this role, but due to his disability, Annette feels that she has to take care of two small children. Our help for Annette's family began with focusing mainly on Arturek, but we know that said familial unit also requires support in terms of covering its daily expenses. Together, we can help Arthur and Gabriel live much better and more fulfilling lives.

Even though the surgery itself is founded by the NHS, costs connected with trips to the unit for Arthur to undergo examinations, as well as with the examinations themselves are overwhelming.

Needs we collect funds for:  

  • Covering the costs of examinations and consultations required both before and after the surgery. - The surgery was performed on February 22nd, 2022 in Olsztyn.
  • Covering the costs of Arthur’s rehabilitation before and after the surgery - longterm.
  • Covering costs of stay, provisions, and commutation of both the child and his parents to the unit where examinations and the surgery are to be performed. The family lives in a different city.
  • Buying widely-accessible medications and those prescription-only ones – we realize said needs on the ongoing basis.
  • Foodstuffs for the entire family, including milk for Arthur.
  • Diapers for Arthur. – We provide them regularly. 
  • Clothes for Annette and her children. Sizes of clothes and shoes, Gabriel: shoes, size 35, clothes at 164 cm, Arthur: sizes from 62 up, Annette, size of clothes, S, footwear, size 37.
  • Portable computer for Gabriel. - Provided.
  • Printer - it will be of use while printing and scanning medical documentation, as well as will be of help with regard of educational endeavors of the older son. - Provided.
  • Rehabilitation trike for Gabriel – such a bike is perfect for children with balance problems and movement impairments. It also stimulates both muscles and bones, as well as boosts blood circulation during the ride and makes the body stronger overall.
  • Orthopedic shoes for Gabriel. – Orthopedic footwear makes it easier to move, stabilizes proper body posture, and prevents the further deformation of the legs of the kid.
  • A professional rehabilitation table for Arthur – A rehabilitation table is a professional medical equipment that is aimed at ensuring safety and comfort while Arthur exercises together with a rehabilitation expert. Below, there are photos showing bold Arthur exercising on a simple table and bed. - Provided.

Now, he exercises like this, using a professional rehabilitation bed :) 



Or you can make a direct bank transfer "For Arthur and Gabriel":

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SORT CODE: 11402004

Account number depending on currency:
PLN: PL35 1140 2004 0000 3002 7709 9827
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GBP: PL92 1140 2004 0000 3812 1128 1062
Euro: PL63 1140 2004 0000 3112 1128 1054

Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charges. 

12-03-2022 - The long-awaited and quite often postponed Arthur’s surgery was finally performed on February 22nd in a hospital located in Olsztyn.

25-02-2022 - Our help for Anette and the children recently has been focused on donating foodstuffs.

23-07-2021 - We have handed over a package with clothes and toys to Arthur. We would like to thank Catherine for sending said things to our foundation.

24-03-2021 - Another portion of groceries from the foundation has been provided to Arthur and his family. We have also supported Anette in paying for the vaccine for Arthur .

16-02-2021 - We have taken care of Artur and his family with regard to purchasing medications.  


11-02-2021 - We have recently provided groceries to Arthur and his family.

18-11-2020 - We have provided the purchased foodstuffs to the family of Aneta. We have also ensured that Artur has everything he needs for his stay in hospital. Despite the date of the surgery being repeatedly postponed, Arturek has to be properly equipped during his stay in hospital.He was supposed to have surgery today, but once again the date had to be changed.

28-10-2020 - Once again, we supported Annette in paying for medical appointments. This time it was an ophthalmological examination and Arthur's vaccination.


12-10-2020 - We handed over a package for Annette and children. A Sodexo gift voucher, a device for preparing food for little Arthur and items of clothing for Annette.

08-10-2020 - We helped Annette and the children with groceries and products from the pharmacy.

07-09-2020 - Arthur has been spending a little less time in doctor's offices lately than in the first months of his life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about his health.The physiotherapist visited him at home many times. We helped financially to pay for rehabilitation at home. We also took care of Gabriel, we paid for his visit to the ophthalmologist. Recently, we have also paid for car refueling and a shared family dinner.

17-07-2020 - Last week another boys' visit to a neurologist was held. :)

03-07-2020 - Arthur underwent yet another doctor’s appointment. He visited a neurologist. Said visit was exceptional in nature :). This time, the boy was accompanied by his older brother, Gabriel :)


26-06-2020 - During our last examination-oriented trip to Katowice that lasted from 14th to 18th June, Arturek visited not only a neurologopedics expert, but also the professor who will be responsible for performing Arthur’s surgery. The small patient also underwent the frenectomy treatment. In the photo, he can be seen together with his mother in physician’s office, right before the procedure, and Arthur on the way to the examination and with the doctor neurologist. :)


10-06-2020 - We have provided  a proffesional rehabilitation table for Arthur.


07-06-2020 - Our brave Arthur, in the passing week was once again on medical examinations in Katowice. We present photos from visits to the neurologist. It has been third trip the family has had to take in order for the small Arthur to undergo consultations and medical examinations that are required before the surgery. The cost of the trip has been covered by our Foundation. The stay, provisions, commutation costs, and examination-related fees have been covered by the Foundation. 


22-05-2020 - Our youngest and cutest Charge would like to wish you all a good weekend:). You will surely agree with us that the inscription on his shirt saying „Handsome” is certainly right. :).

21-05-2020 - Arthur is a tiny hero. He deals with all the examinations and consultations in a remarkable manner. We would like to show you pictures of him from two weeks ago with his mom next to a doctor’s office and inside it, on the Professor’s lap :).

06-05-2020 - We have provided Arthur and his family with more foodstuffs. We have also purchased some diapers and domestic detergents.

05-05-2020 - We have provided Arthur's family with a color printer and a batch of cartridges. 

01-05-2020 - In the photo Arthur is smiling to all the Donators and is thanking them for help. He is so adorable :).

30-04-2020 - Arthur, together with his parents, returned home on last Friday after a long and tiring week, filled to the brim with consultations and medical appointments. Below, there are photos of his stay in Katowice. 

22-04-2020 -  Since Sunday, 19.04.2020 Arthur together with his parents has been in Katowice, where he has been undergoing a set of examinations that are vital for him with regard to the surgery. He has already been examined by an optician, underwent the ECG procedure, heart echo scan, as well as transcranial Doppler test. There are still some things to take care of remaining, but everything is on the right way :)

17-04-2020 - We have helped the family of small Arthur to purchase additional foodstuffs and medications.

10-04-2020 - We have provided a laptop to the older son of Annette, Gabriek. He can now learn remotely without the necessity of leaving the house.  

08-04-2020 - We have provided the very first batch of items to Arthur and his family. It has included foodstuffs, chemical products, and medications. 


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