Due to his health condition, Michael could not contact us by himself. His mother, Catherine, did it for him. Michael does not walk or speak - he does not communicate by using words, does not see and is completely dependent on others. What is even more he is catheterized and suffers from pains caused by bladder stones. He has a certificate confirming his severe disability. Suffering is an inseparable element of Michael's life, but we sincerely hope that - with the help of our extraordinary Donors - the fate of the Foundation's protégé will change for the better.

Michael is 23 and will never be able to lead an independent life. He has been suffering from quadriplegic cerebral palsy since birth. What is even more, he has to deal with epilepsy and is blind (due to optic nerve atrophy). Each disease requires a professional treatment. When it comes to Michael he requires a constant, regular rehabilitation, and pharmacological therapy. Catherine needs our support to be able to provide her son with everything that is necessary for him to survive.





Being a mom is always a challenge. It is difficult to imagine the enormous amount of work and commitment it takes to care for a disabled child. Catherine knows very well how much effort and resources are needed in such a scenario. The deformation of Michael's spine and chest makes the use of orthopedic accessories necessary. Further costs are generated by medications that Catherine's son has to take continuously. What is more, there are also pharmacological and hygienic measures to be accounted for, including, for example: urostomy rinsing fluids, syringes, lotions, and many other items. Michael can drink milk and eat flavored porridges – identical ones that are given to small children. Foodstuffs are yet another expense that has to be undertaken. Providing at least a minimum quality of life for a person struggling with such a poor health condition is really important and Catherine - just like every mother - wants the best for her child. 24-hour care over a disabled person is a huge physical and mental burden for her, but we know that good hearts can give Catherine and Michael a chance for a better and easier tomorrow. Thanks to you, our Charges are never left alone in difficult times!


Needs we collect funds for:

  • Hygienic items: urostomy rinsing fluid, sanitary pads, diapers, wet tissues, and other personal hygiene-related goods.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Purchasing both widely accessible medications and those available on prescription.  
  • Foodstuffs. Michael has to eat meals similar to those small children eat: flavored porridges, Bebiko  Junior 5 milk
  • Chemical products for everyday use and cosmetics. 
  • Clothing: t-shirts, pajamas – Michael’s size is 158/164
  • Support in paying bills: rent, electricity, gas supply.
  • Sewing machine and materials for Catherine's – sewing is her hobby and a way to relax. 
  • Replacement of old household appliances: gas stove with an oven, as well as the installation of new ones: under-cabinet hood. - Realized.
  • Towels, bedding, bed sheets.


Donate once or regularly:


Or you can make a direct bank transfer "For Michael"

Bank details:
mBank S.A.
Skrytka pocztowa 2108
90-959 Łódź 2

SORT CODE: 11402004

Account number depending on currency:
PLN: PL35 1140 2004 0000 3002 7709 9827
USD: PL39 1140 2004 0000 3612 1128 1047
GBP: PL92 1140 2004 0000 3812 1128 1062
Euro: PL63 1140 2004 0000 3112 1128 1054

Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charge.


12-01-2021 - We are very happy that we have been able to meet one of many needs of the family so quickly. We have started with equipping the kitchen. We have provided the family with a free-standing Amica gas stove with an electric oven, as well as with an under-cabinet hood. What is more, we have also taken care of installing the new stove and taking the old one out.

30-12-2020 - Michael and his family wish us all for the upcoming New Year :) : "May the world be full of warmth, joy and friends for you in the New Year. And let your home never run out of love and understanding."

21-12-2020 - The most beautiful Christmas card in the world was made by Michael. We are very touched and very grateful! Michael, thank you very much, you are great :).

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