Please read the entire description carefully. Maciek was born prematurely, during 25th weeks of pregnancy and with numerous complications. He is 5 years old. It is hard to believe that such a small body has had to endure so much. In the fourth day of his life, the boy suffered from a severe head hemorrhage, which resulted in hemorrhagic hydrocephalus. He struggled with sepsis many times. What is more, he has been diagnosed with biliary atresia, which, without constant medication, may cause cirrhosis of the liver and the need for organ transplant. Maciek has had his gallbladder excised. He has suffered from necrotic enteritis, so it was necessary to make a stoma. He additionally suffers from cerebral palsy - spastic quadriparesis. 



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Maciek does not see with his right eye - he wears an epiprosthesis. What is more, he has nystagmus in his left eye. The epiprosthesis utilized prevents the eye socket from collapsing, protects the eye socket and prevents it from shrinking. His mother, Gabriela, puts the prosthesis in. The boy suffers from a congenital right hip dislocation and deformities of both the knee and the foot. In June 2020, he underwent hip reconstruction surgery. He was wearing a cast for six weeks. He now wears braces on both legs. 


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It is so much suffering for one child who also has to visit specialists every month and participate in many hours of rehabilitation classes. What does Maciuś need? First of all, he needs strong parents who can handle the boy's needs emotionally and financially. That is why it is worth supporting Maciek on his way to recovery.  

Needs we collect funds for:

  • Providing support in paying for therapeutic classes in Rzeszów. The Cracow Method is a neurobiological therapy that stimulates all cognitive functions of a child. Maciek undergoes it once a week on Tuesday, away from his place of residence - he has to travel about 40 km one way.  - Maciek's participation in the Cracow method-based therapy sessions was suspended by his parents in September 2021. Until the suspension, we had been meeting Maciek's needs in that regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support in paying for the speech therapy based on the Castillo Morales Method and focusing on positively influencing those parts of the body that take an active part in eating and speaking, as well as normalizing their disturbed muscle tension. The effect of the therapy is the improvement of the physiological functions of the patient and the prevention of speech impediments. Currently, Maciek takes advantage of the paid services of a specialist in Krosno once a week, where he has to commute about 30 kilometers one way. Additionally, starting from September 2021, he has also been undergoing therapy in the kindergarten. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing support in paying for additional rehabilitation in the integration-oriented kindergarten. Maciek is granted two hours of rehabilitation a week free of charge. Additional hours are to be paid for. The support includes, among others, rehabilitation based on the use of the Vojta method, 2-3 times a week. Vojta Therapy is based on manual stimulation of pressure points located in the specific areas of the body. The pressure force, the direction of stimulation, and the position opted for are all very important. Physiotherapy oriented towards the utilization of Vojta-based exercises is designed to result in the development of desired movement patterns (motor patterns). Movement patterns have very specific characteristics and are needed for the proper motor development of infants and children.
  • Providing support in paying for Maciek’s rehabilitation stays. Rehabilitation camps provide participants with comprehensive care throughout the stay and ensure the execution of all the vital undertakings in one place.
  • Providing support in paying for Maciek's therapeutic kindergarten. Support in paying for meals in the integration-oriented kindergarten. On 1st September 2021, Maciek switched the kindergarten from a therapeutic to an integration-oriented one. In the new kindergarten, as a child with a disability certificate, he is exempt from tuition fees, but has to cover the cost of meals - We meet the reported needs in this regard on an ongoing basis.
  • Help in paying for trips from kindergarten. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Medical care for Maciek (appointments with experts, treatments and tests). - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Purchase of both general and prescription-based medications.
  • Providing support in paying for the purchase and replacement of the eye epiprosthesis.
  • If Maciek's health condition requires it, we would also like to help him by purchasing the following: a standing frame, a professional wheelchair, a walker-balcony, and a corset.
  • Rehabilitation tricycle. - Not applicable - Gabrysia managed to obtain the bike on her own.
  • Shoes, including orthopedic shoes. Size: 25. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Clothes for Maciek. Mainly tailored pants, winter jacket. Sizes: pants 104-110, preferably with an elastic band, sweatshirts and T-shirts size 110. 
  • Handles for the bathroom facilitating its use. Adaptation of the toilet to the needs of a disabled child.
  • Providing support in taking care of the family car to maintain it in a good working condition. Fuel and some repair costs.
  • Teaching aids for Maciek. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Household chemicals, cleaning products for the whole family, and cosmetics, especially the ones for Maciek: wet wipes, Nivea bath cosmetics for children, and many others. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Food for the whole family, including long-term food for Maciek, such as nutrudrinks. - The initial food products (nutridrinks) handed over to Maciek in May 2021. - We meet these needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Gas cooker pots.  Gabriela cooks a lot, especially for Maciek, because the boy has a specific diet and suffers from some digestive problems. He had 15 cm of intestine cut out. - Provided.
  • Ceiling or standing clothes dryer. - Provided.
  • A new bed with a mattress for Maciek. The bed he has at the moment is adapted to his needs - it is lowered and has a railing. Thanks to said fact, Maciek can get on and off it by himself, but the bed will not withstand the consecutive modifications. It may break. The mattress, on the other hand, has been soaked many times and is both stained and damaged - Provided.
  • Double stroller, for example for twins. Such a stroller is needed because Maciek has a younger sister, Kornelia. A stroller in which both children could travel at the same time is necessary for Gabrysia to leave the house on her own with two children at the same time.
  • Air humidifier. Dry air in the apartment has a bad effect on Maciek's sleep quality.
  • Help in repairing or buying a laptop with a specialized speech-based learning program for Maciek. - Not applicable - Gabrysia managed to obtain the laptop on her own.
  • Help in purchasing children's headphones for Maciek.

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Before making the donation, please familiarize yourself with our terms.

The Foundation is in possession of proper documentation and has verified the needs of the Charge.

24-06-2022 - We supported Maciek in covering the costs of speech therapy classes.

04-05-2022 - Gabriela Maciek’s mother, due to the necessity to use the car on everyday basis and quite intensely, as she has to take Maciek to various places, has to be spared the need to fix the vehicle. She has to take her son to the kindergarten, to appointments with various doctors, and to therapies. To help her, we have supported her with regard to replacing brakes and brake discs in her automobile.


07-04-2022 - Thanks to our Donor, Mr. Mariusz, we have been able to give Gabriela, Maciek's mother, a clothing dryer and a set of marble pots. Thank you very much for the donation :)

05-04-2022 - Yet another pair of rehabilitation and prophylactic shoes with additional orthopedic insoles was given to Maciek.

09-02-2022 - We provided Maciek an air humidifier. The boy suffers from psoriasis, which makes it necessary to maintain adequate air humidity.

15-12-2021 - Maciek needed a new bed that would be safe and have a new mattress :) The bed is low, which allows the boy to get off and on it easily. It also looks very neat :)

15-11-2021 - Today’s photos show Maciek during his neurodevelopmental rehabilitation in October.

09-11-2021 - We have helped Gabiela settle the bills for two months of Maciek's speech therapy. As a bonus, we would like to show you a photo of the boy in the new kindergarten :).

08-11-2021- We have prepared Maciek for the winter, which will surely come soon :) Maciek lives near the mountains, so probably a winter jacket will be useful to him even earlier :).

22-10-2021 - Maciek started his adventure in the new kindergarten in a very pleasant way, because of a field trip organized :).

17-09-2021 - We settled the fee for August, being the last month of Maciek's therapy based on the use of the Cracow Method. We have also provided the boy with the required medications.  

03-09-2021 - We have given Maciek two pairs of shoes: orthopedic shoes for the kindergarten which will serve Maciek as slippers, as well as shoes for autumn.

20-08-2021 - Maciek's everyday life is filled with working on himself. He works with professionals - during the therapy based on the Cracow method, as well as at home, with his mother - Gabrysia. We have helped her to provide teaching aids for her son. Of course, we have also covered the fee for the Cracow method-based classes for July, as well as for kindergarten meals for July and tuition fee for August. Mrs. Gabrysia has recently become very ill, we gave her medications.

23-07-2021 - Last week, the car that the mother of Maciek, Gabrysia, had been driving broke down. We helped her cover some of the repair and fluel costs.

19-07-2021 - Two and a half months have passed since Maciek started walking on his own. Now, he is doing really great! In addition to walking, he also learns to count to ten. Maciek's mother - Gabrysia, while sending us the video clips, wrote that she knew that it was not perfect counting, but it was still a great progress and the result of the work of many people, including Maciek, speech therapist, general therapist, and Gabrysia who had been travelling with Maciek to distant locations for him to receive treatment. 

15-07-2021 - We support Maciek in his development by covering the costs of his for speech therapy in June, and therapy using the Krakow method, as well as of the kindergarten fees for July and of meals for June.

01-07-2021 - We have covered the cost of Maciek's appointment to a pediatric surgeon, as well as the tuition fee for the kindergarten for June and meals in the kindergarten for May.

23-06-2021 - We have covered the cost of the ophthalmological consultation regarding a new eye epiprosthesis for Maciek, the tuition fees for the kindergarten for May and kindergarten food fee for April.

22-06-2021 - We have provided Maciek with yet another portion of Nutrikids nutritional drinks, and his mother - with chemical articles for everyday use.

27-05-2021 - We have fulfilled Maciek's initial minor needs. We have given him orthopedic sandals and a supply of nutritional drinks for children. :)

29-04-2021 - We are impressed with Maciek's first independent steps!

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