Ann is 47. Since her birth, she has been struggling with cerebral palsy caused by perinatal injuries. The condition in question causes speech disorders, impaired mental and physical development, as well as paresis of all four limbs, which requires Ann to use a wheelchair. On top of that, she also suffers from refractory epilepsy. Ann is taken care of by her mother, Miss Barbara. Both women are exceptionally bold and determined to face everyday challenges. Ann started rehabilitation-oriented treatment, but due to its remarkable costs, she had to resign. It has to be pointed out that rehabilitation is the only way to prevent the overall health condition of the woman from deteriorating.

Aside from funds to be spent on rehabilitation, a stand-assist table is also needed, as it would make it possible for Ann to perform at least some exercises at home. It would significantly lower the overall rehabilitation-related costs. Miss Barbara takes care of her daughter to the greatest extent possible. She supports her emotionally and ensures a warm, loving environment despite the difficult financial situation. Miss Basia spends her modest income in its entirety on food and everyday needs. It is not possible for her to ensure a proper treatment of her daughter and purchase her the equipment needed. Miss Barbara is an elderly person and is worried about the future of her daughter after her demise. Any form of support would be a glimmer of hope for her. Ann, together with her mother, are forced by the circumstances to ask good people for help. Let us help those two wonderful women make their dreams about a normal life come true. We can do a lot together!!! 

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