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Why did I establish the Foundation? I am being asked this question quite often. For some time I would say, that while I was running my online store with medical equipment I have been approached by different people from time to time to give them some items for free. I had never refused to provide them with my support. One day I figured that I would like to engage others in my projects and start helping people in need in an official way. Something however always bothered me as I felt that there is more to it and that my involvement is caused by a deeper motivation.

So why am I running the Foundation? Because I have been pursuing a certain feeling all my life. The source of greatest happiness for me is to bring people together. Nothing on this earth gives me more satisfaction, than engaging people I have never met before and getting them involved in a project. When I get the privilege of coordinating work performed by both parties involved and I can see the smile on those kids faces whose life has been changed for the better, I am just purely happy. I go to sleep knowing that I can be of use to other people and I am just grateful for that. That gives me energy and willingness to act every single day.

How did I become so empathetic? I don't even know where to begin. During my early childhood, I was rejected by my closest relatives. I was like this black sheep of my family where my mother, together with her numerous partners always discarded me and sent me over to a very toxic and narcissistic grandmother, for her to “take care of me” while they were drinking heavily. For the grandmother in question the only thing she was capable of giving to a small child was to grunt and say that I should not expect much from life, as I would never achieve anything anyway. My personality has been disturbed even further by the fact that when I was twelve years old, my mother, together with my grandmother, decided that they will not take care of me anymore. They both took me to the International Airport in Poland, put me on a plane and sent me off half the way around the world to Canada, where I was to live with my father I barely knew at the time. The shaping of my personality went on with the feeling of ultimate rejection when I got there and was asked by my father why am I even here and that I should have stayed with my mother. As I reached the emotional bottom, experienced a great trauma, and felt completely unwanted and neglected, I think that is when I reached the point where I could understand and connect with any person who went through suffering in his or her life. I now know that all of that experience made me the man I am today and prepared me for my mission. I cannot imagine living a single day without being truly engaged in helping others. I would like to thank my protégés for the fact that I can become a part of their lives, as well as all the sponsors, who help me do what I know is my true calling.

If you are in a need of any help or you happen to know someone in need of support, or you would like to become a sponsor or help us develop our projects in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us. As you can see, we are very open to people :)

Founder / CEO, Pawel Panufnik

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